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Golden Wild is a creative development and executive production studio that brings together socially conscious film and TV makers, broadcast commissioners, film funders and brands that are compelled to do good and drive action on environmental and social justice issues.

We build teams and oversee the entire process to create narrative-shifting films, TV and documentary, firmly rooted in truth and integrity, with aligned off-screen, integrated campaigns for maximum impact.

Why this

Long-form and evergreen films and TV offers a believable and meaningful way for your brand to align with the pressing issues that mean the most to your community.

The rewards? A loyal, growing customer base, new audiences and a way to demonstrate your commitment to real change. You’ll be part of a movement, creating action-orientated, inspiring films that you, your staff and stakeholders can be proud of.

We are Golden Wild. And we have work to do. Join us.

Who we work with


Our projects meaningfully connect with your audiences, bringing issues that matter to the fore. Working with independent voices enables the message to reach further with credibility.

Film & TV

We bring brilliant and original ideas from intersectional thinkers, unique access and best-in-class production partnerships.


We love big ideas and feature documentaries, rooted in human emotion, where the real levers of change exist.

Why it works

When creatives team up with corporates, powerful change happens.

Brave and conscious brands know their power and reach and will put their money where their mouth is to demonstrate a genuine commitment to environmental and social governance.

World Wildlife Fund, Patagonia, Proctor & Gamble, Amex, Dove, Asics, Wholefoods, DICKs Sporting Goods and Pioneer are some of the brands behind long-form films with integrity.

Golden Wild is an opportunity to spark change on a global scale.


If you’re a brand that is compelled to do good, we’re here to help make that happen.

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